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FINALLY 🥳👏🥳 the silly season is here! 🤩😈🤡🤠💃🤹‍♀️ What is it?

Tomorrow on the 11th of the 11th at exactly 11.11 a.m. in many cities in #Germany, but especially in those of #NorthRhineWestphalia, a different kind of season starts again!

Normally, Germany, like many other countries, has four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Four!?

Not quite. Because #carnival is known as the #fifthseason in Germany, and #Cologne in particular is known for its festivities in this regard.

It begins every year on 11.11. and ends on #AschMittwoch Ash Wednesday (22.02.23).

This day is celebrated with particularly elaborate parades and costumes and is also a public holiday!

Until then, #NRW prepares for new rivalries. Where will the best carnival be celebrated this year or in general?

We are curious. Is it in #Cologne, #Düsseldorf, #Mainz,...?

Wherever it may be, we wish #köllealaaf, #mainzhelau, #DüsseldorfHelau, or simply #helau

Let the festivities begin! 🎭

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